Optimize both existing and future leadership potential.

Our best-in-class reports provide insights for a variety of talent needs:

Candidate Selection

Our assessments identify an executive’s true leadership potential and uncover any red flags that often go unnoticed in an interview. You’ll have the tools you need to better understand candidates and increase your chances of making the right hiring decisions the first time.

Executive Onboarding

Synthesis creates an onboarding experience that not only allows for transparency and trust, but also fast tracks the process of getting to know your new hire. This experience leads to a shared understanding of strengths, weaknesses, overall goals, and a greater likelihood for long term success.

Exec Team Evaluation

Ensuring your team is aligned is the starting point for their success. Our team assessments give you a clear picture of your current executive team, including overall culture as well as any areas of tension. Using this information can help you decide where change must be enacted, as well as whose improvement is worth investing in.

Org Design & Development

Enhance your current learning and development efforts to maximize the return on your investment.  Synthesis allows you to better understand the challenges both individuals and the team are facing, and provide actionable insights to overcome them. Our assessments also complement your existing L&D or coaching strategies. 


At Synthesis, we have three proprietary report types that we incorporate into the solutions mentioned above:

  • Synthesis Leadership Intelligence™ Individual Report
  • Synthesis Predicted Interaction™ 1:1 Report
  • Synthesis Executive Team Assessment™

Our psychological assessments provide deep insights into leadership attributes, including motivators, personality themes, strengths and weaknesses, and ratings against key indicators. The Synthesis Predicted Interaction™ 1:1 Report and Synthesis Executive Team Assessment™ go a step further to describe a working relationship or team – positive areas of overlap across team members, dynamics that create tension or concern, and how to work best together.

The process is fully-remote: an executive answers a series of open-ended questions, taking an average of 75 min to complete. Our psychologists then create highly-personalized reports using narrative psychology, without any additional inputs other than the writing samples provided by the executive. As such, they provide a truly unbiased approach to decision-making and leadership development.