Our findings point to the fact that both special forces and businesses alike operate in fast-pace, high-stress, and goal-oriented environments, and require members to be dynamic and comfortable with ambiguity.

The Synthesis Advantage

The success of elite military units is due in part to the way these soldiers are evaluated. Screening processes focus on capabilities, potential, character, and the ability to perform tasks outside the confines of specific roles, rather than looking for individuals that tick off the boxes of a certain position.

Similarly, Synthesis assessments look at executives’ entire leadership profiles, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of both existing and potential leadership ability.

Our approach is truly unique in the market: Synthesis reports are highly-personalized psychological evaluations that stand apart from cumbersome interview-based assessments and off-the-shelf “fill in the blank” tests. Respondents can’t “game the system” and we can deliver independent results in an unbiased way.

Our highly-trained psychologists use narrative psychology to uncover true strengths and weaknesses, deep insights around motivators and personality drivers, as well as areas for development. This can be done for individuals, pairs, and even teams.


Why Choose Synthesis?

Minimum Time Required
Our assessments are entirely remote, only require 75 minutes to complete, with minimal disruption to company operations.

Straightforward Storytelling
The executive answers a series of open-ended questions, psychologists then create a highly-personalized story of the individual, relationship, or team.

Objective Results
Highly trained psychologists deconstruct the respondents’ answers, communication style, and behavior patterns to create a holistic perspective. Reveals leadership potential in an unbiased way. No access to previous work experience, referrals, ethnicity, gender.

Actionable Outcomes
Insights center on motivators and drivers that impact leadership style. Identifies strengths & weaknesses, and levers for change to encourage development.