How Walking In Darkness Teaches You To Handle Uncertainty

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The mysteriously dark corridor is the first stage of an experiential business workshop called Dialogue in the Dark. The workshop is an initiative of the social venture by the same name, which operates all over the world.

In Israel, it is led by organizational psychologist and former military man, Alon Shalit, and Meir Matityahu, Dialogue in the Dark’s visually impaired guide. Above all, it is a powerful metaphor for situations governed by uncertainty, and as such, it offers a unique and transformative learning experience for leaders of all kinds, business executives in particular.

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Contributor: Inbal Arieli, Synthesis co-founder

Note: This is an article originally published on the Forbes website

“… if it weren’t for uncertainty we wouldn’t have had the chance to be surprised, learn, and enjoy the unpredictability of life. The best leaders are those who embrace uncertainty, are not afraid to acknowledge it, and who never forget that they are not alone.”